On Crises and Heat Sinks

It would be most fitting that the Devil use particular concrete crises within the Church and society to distract us from a life of prayer, penance, and corporal works of mercy. We must consider our state in life. Rarely are we laity gifted with the opportunity to act extraordinarily in the resolution of such crises.… Continue reading On Crises and Heat Sinks

Pastor Billy’s Bible Church

That particular people choose to leave the Catholic Church because they have been hurt by bad people in the Church is viscerally understandable, but if we briefly engage the intellect we will really see it is just about the worst decision that you can make, especially if you have made such decision because goin' has… Continue reading Pastor Billy’s Bible Church

Maybe I can hitch a ride with the sharks

Consider it a great mercy that God drew you out of nothingness at this particular point in the progression of history. Your existence is not accidental, it is about intentional as intentional gets. Yes, you are infinitesimally small in God’s grand salvific plan for the human race, but he also loves you very much and… Continue reading Maybe I can hitch a ride with the sharks

Thank God for the Eucharist

I am at a retreat this weekend with Dominican Friars and the subject matter is the Eucharist. The preaching is very good and we have had ample time to encounter the Eucharistic Lord in Adoration, Mass, and the Divine Office. One of the notable things about the Eucharistic sacrifice is that it is still a… Continue reading Thank God for the Eucharist

Polemics on Identity: Know who Christ isn’t

To know yourself, you must know Christ, intimately Part of knowing Christ is knowing who Christ is not. “Following Jesus” or “Knowing Jesus” isn’t the same thing as picking up a copy of Meditations and trying really really hard to emulate Jesus The Great Moral Teacher. You cannot white-knuckle your way to Sainthood. Jesus Christ… Continue reading Polemics on Identity: Know who Christ isn’t